Inner peace is the new rich

“You can’t run away from your problems forever, Cristina” Oh that line – I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard it. And nowadays I just say – watch me. Last night Cyclone Dumazile hit Mauritius and now I’m stuck inside. As I sit here in a hostel and feel an overwhelming urge to [...]

Was it even real?

You know that time when you felt like you had a real connection with someone? Even as you read this sentence, you remember everything exactly, like it was yesterday – you know with whom and when it was. There was a fire you never felt before, something that burned deeply within your core; like a [...]

The rebellious act of being yourself

It is undeniable that as humans, we are bound by unspoken societal rules of what we can and can’t do, even if our actions affect no one but ourselves. We live in prisons created by such ingrained beliefs that most of us don’t even notice our own institutionalization. Our physical appearance is so heavily judged [...]

Tales from the pool

  It’s 5am. I walk into the gym and observe a number of other early risers come through the door as the health club opens. We are the first to arrive, time and again. Minutes later, some of us will meet again at the pool. Strangers united by the need to glide through the water. [...]

You don’t have to be the best

You don't have to be the best To enjoy life. To be worthy. To have permission.   You don't have to lift the heaviest weight at the gym. You don't have to be the fastest runner on the track.  You don't have to be the richest guest in the hotel. You don't have to be [...]

Dear Diary…

   Part One “The alarm goes off. I get up and I want to do a million things; morning is definitely MY time. My mind is brilliant first thing in the day. I experience a flood of brain waves, ideas just flow effortlessly… add a bit of caffeine to the mix and I'm unstoppable. I [...]

Are you being too hard on yourself?

  Hello, I'm comparison. I make you evaluate yourself while looking at someone else, and often the end result is seeing yourself in a harsh light. I exist everywhere and my intention may be to keep you striving for more and better - but I don't take into account all the different variables that stand [...]

It will get easier

This is a message for you. For you and anyone who just needs a break. Today you are having a hard time; because yes, life can be pretty tough sometimes. Maybe you’ve been trying to find a job for several weeks now, and can’t even get an interview. Maybe [...]

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