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What is CristyFit all about?

CristyFit is a health and wellness movement which is a little different than most conventional fitness websites/pages.

At CristyFit, the focus is on both physical and mental health as equal parts of what it means to be fit and healthy.

The story behind CristyFit

My name is Cristy.

I am the body behind the images and the mind behind the words.

A few years ago, when I started CristyFit, I must admit I didn’t have a clear goal or vision.

What I did know was that I definitely wanted to talk about physical fitness, because that’s always been important to me.

I’ve always been passionate about health and wellness.

It really is a lifestyle.

I was once one of those people who believed fitness was all about the body – that fitness meant exercising, eating healthily, looking toned and driving your physical self to its best potential.

However over the years, I’ve come to understand that fitness is far more than that.

It’s about more than just the body; it’s also about the mind.
Fitness not only encompasses the mind, but it is driven by it.

The mind itself is essential to holistic fitness.

One simply cannot feel the full effects of fitness if the mental and physical parts are not in synergy.

They must both be healthy.

The mental and physical aspects of an individual are completely interlinked; yet in the fitness industry, very little attention is paid to the mental side in comparison to the physical side.

In the media, we see endless photos of physically fit people, models and athletes.

But what about mentally healthy people?

Because what is a mentally healthy person?

How can you take a photo of that?

We associate physical fitness with muscles, leanness, body composition, a certain look.

We can see that with our eyes.

But what about what we feel?

How can we see that?

Just because our mental health cannot be seen, that doesn’t mean it is less important.

In fact – everything stems from our mind.

We cannot possibly achieve physical fitness if the will does not come from our own mind first.

Personally, I have gone through so many struggles in life. Finally, it occurred to me that I hadn’t been focusing much on my mental health. Fitness to me was constantly about the physical side, aiming for superior performance and outside appearances.

But when it came to mental health matters, I didn’t always practice the best self-care.

Recently, after enduring difficult personal circumstances over a period of time, I began to really see how detrimental my unhealthy mind was to my physical body.

I could now clearly see and feel the connection.

This made me realise just how connected the body and mind really are in terms of overall health.

So the vision for CristyFit was born much later, after my own struggles with mental health.

This journey of self-discovery changed my entire focus.

Maintaining sanity, self-esteem, motivation, confidence and self-love in today’s society is hard work.

Why is CristyFit different?

My vision through CristyFit is to provide quality, relatable and honest content, rather than just generic and predictable fitness content.

My focus is on sharing more than typical workouts and food photos, or in simply trying to be some kind of #bodygoals.

That’s not me; I have so much more to offer. I want to share my experiences as they relate to both physical and mental health.

I strive to be authentic, raw and real.

My mission is to connect with others through my words as well as my images, relating to both mental and physical health.

In CristyFit, I write my own content and I am my own model.

My mind writes the words which convey mental health issues, emotions, musings, real life feelings.

My body conveys the fitness lifestyle, self-love, strength, sport, the physical side of the equation.

CristyFit is about promoting concepts such as social change in the acceptance of mental health, positive body image, uniting against shaming, bullying and judgement, embracing the freedom of self-expression, valuing authenticity and ultimately being comfortable in your own skin.

In society, we are constantly taught to become someone else and to be carbon copies of each other.

I don’t want to be a carbon copy of every other fitness personality/page out there.

CristyFit is my perspective on health and fitness.

I write for genuine followers and readers, not just numbers.

I want you to get to know me; I’m a person just like you.

I’m more than just an image, more than just a photo.

I have something to say and a story to tell.

I am both the image and the words.

How can you become involved?

In a world where people value and idolize celebrities they don’t even know over their own friends and family, it’s important to me to collaborate and partner with real people.

In the making of CristyFit, I have made it a priority to support and collaborate with my friends and their businesses wherever possible. My photographers are up and coming artists who are passionate about what they do. Most have other jobs and do it more for the love than for the money.
My web designers are qualified friends whose talent I promote and admire.

My inspiration for writing is based not only on my own experience, but experiences of friends who have confided in me over the years, as well as a love for language and human connection. I love hearing the ideas and perspectives of others.

If you believe that your art can complement CristyFit in and way, please feel free to get in touch so we can collaborate and support each other.

I believe that life is about finding your gift then giving it away; sharing your passion and making a positive mark in the world.

Thank you for helping to spread the message

If you connect with my vision in any way, please share with others. People like you are the reason I create.

Much love,

Cristy xo